Product description

This white longsleeve is part of our desert festival collection. All our products are inspired and designed by the music industry and its industrial scene, combined with simplicity and mixed with the best quality materials, into a modern and timeless design. Made for that person that dares to be different. Every product has a unique character, tagged by a numbered label that ends at 300. Which will give people exclusivity not by a high price, but by limited stock. Our longsleeves are unisex, oversized and basic, but because of the embroidery prints on the front and back and the small embroidery "tattoos" on the sleeves, it's a new and unique product. 


The longsleeve is constructed out of 100% high weight premium cotton to provide a soft-touch comfort to the skin.


All products are oversized. For men, we recommend to order your regular size. For women, we recommend to order one size smaller. Female model wears size xs. Male model wears size m.

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